What is Minecraft?!? And what gift do I get an avid gamer?

creeper plush

Okay, so you’re on this website to know more about Minecraft toys, clothing, or accessories… this makes you 1 of 2 types of folks.

Either you’re going to be:

1. A Minecraft fanatic who plays this online game right until your hands bleed and your daily life in the actual world ends up being basically non-existent
2. A parent or guardian, relative, or colleague who’s selecting a brand new object for that first individual mentioned and you haven’t a clue why someone would be captivated with a video game that’s built completely of pixelated squares

Have we nailed that one? Wonderful, so now it is time to give you a hand. It doesn’t matter which one of the above folks you are, it’s obvious that you’re on this website to find out about the very best new Minecraft products – which of course is the reason we are useful. Before we enter straight to the particulars of the magnificent products available, we should first enjoy a simple overview of what Minecraft truly is.

Minecraft For Dummies

As outlined above, it is a game developed wholly using pixelated squares……. So then how is it so addictive? One word: “Unstructured Creativity” (Alright 2 words, whatever).The Minecraft universe enables users to create anything that they can imagine. Yes, just about anything. Without construction plans, advanced degrees, manual work, construction permits, questionable funds, wiretapping, or executive scandals. (All those are typically needed to make stuff correct?)

Something else Minecraft provides its dedicated lovers is “collaboration”. That means an eleven year-old living in Rome can aid a 17 year-old located in Arizona and a 93 yr old living in Alaska make a spectacular fortress….. or endure an evening of “creeper” attacks (much more about that soon).

So simply speaking, Minecraft allows gamers to make use of simple resources (like square sheep and shovels) to develop magnificent creations and embark upon crazy journeys. Mix that together with world-wide teamwork and infinite scenarios happen. Make sense?

Take in mind, that was an incredibly elevated overview of this online game, it’s considerably more intricate and thrilling. To help you comprehend somewhat more, it is about time to introduce you to the characters of Minecraft (which helps you select which Minecraft toys are the best ones to get).


Most of the Minecraft toys around are character centered. The somewhat unique collection of characters within the game cause it to be as exhilarating as watching a herd of square skeletons harm a single creeper. If that example did not sound right then look down the page for the cheat sheet of the primary characters.

Builder. Hero. Creeper Slayer. Collector of square pig skins. Steve will do it all! He’s the leading character within the game and the lone character you may be. Numerous Minecraft toys nowadays have something connected with Steve since he is just that awesome.

Oh yeah, the Creeper. If you’re brand spanking new to Minecraft you’ve probably been questioning precisely what we are speaking about when we used the term earlier. A Creeper is the obnoxiously simple label for the arch-enemy of our main character (Steve). The Creeper is basically a large green collection of squares that’s hostile, unpleasant, and really a plain old butthead!

A second nasty dude (there are a lot in this particular game). These particularly awful monsters shoot arrows towards our wonderful young Steve. On the bright side though, if one of the misplaced arrows attacks a creeper: get ready for a smack down!

These cheeky creations tend to be very similar to Creepers, with the exception that these are larger, darker, and handsomer. Ok disregard the last quality, but taller and more dark without a doubt! By the way, these things even teleport.

Ok let’s not continue to mutilate the dead horse. You already know the most notable handful of characters fairly well, below is a significantly less detailed list of a number of other characters for everybody who is interested. If you’re not interested in other characters, proceed right down to the tools.

• Slime: Size varies from 1x1x1 to 10x10x10, blocks, hostile, leaping mobs
• Villager: You can buy from them, sell things to them, or at times live with them
• Cow: These are typically a breed-able, edible, unaggressive mob
• Sheep: These are generally a grass eating, shear-able, breed-able passive mob
• Pig: This is Steve’s reproductive, edible, companion since the beginning of Minecraft

Tools and Weapons

Fantastic! You know many of the characters, now it is time for us to know more about the tools and weapons available for these noble square superheroes.

Pickaxe, Spade, Axe, Hoe,

Sword, Bow

Helmet, Breastplate, Leggings, Bootees


Finally! You discovered all that you should about Minecraft in order to make an informed verdict on the perfect toys to own (or you at the very least understand why you are about to order a square pig). Enjoy more here!